Students Take Responsible Stance; Making differences around school



STARS club members discuss meeting plans for the month of November. They will be hosting a Red Ribbon Week Activity the third week of October.

STELLA MANNS, Sports Editor

Many students at NHHS are members of STARS, or Students Taking A Responsible Stance. STARS is an organization designed to prevent drug, tobacco, and alcohol use among high schoolers. 

     Junior Stella Manns is the president of the club, while sophomore Natalie Barndt is the vice president. STARS is advised by Spanish teacher Mrs. Lori Rake. For the past two years, STARS has been trying to get up and running, according to Barndt. 

      STARS has open membership, which means they accept new members throughout the school year. According to Barndt, “You can join the STARS Remind by texting @starsclub to 81010.” Once a student joins the Remind, “they will receive meeting reminders and invitations,” says Barndt.

     Even though Barndt is only a sophomore, she chose to run for vice president because she “thought it would be a good way to help the community and [her] school.”

     The club officers and advisor are still working to select a secretary for the 2022-2023 school year. Candidates submitted a paragraph and will be selected anonymously. 

     For the 2022-2023 school year, Barndt is excited to start getting the student body involved in activities. Recently, STARS has considered collaborating with other clubs to host events. The most recent event STARS is planning to host is Red Ribbon Week. The commemorative week began in honor of an undercover police officer who was shot and killed in a drug bust. 

     Red Ribbon Week is nationally recognized on October 23-31. However, STARS will be celebrating it October 24-28. Last school year during the 2021 Red Ribbon Week, students enrolled in STARS handed out red ribbons to students during lunch. The ribbons were meant for students to write what their ‘anti-drug’ is. They also got a piece of candy after writing on a ribbon. 

     Expect to see STARS again this Red Ribbon Week in the cafeteria, according to Barndt. 

     Many new members have joined the club. They plan to take an active role in the club’s purpose as well. Freshman Olivia Bloom signed up for STARS club, “because it seemed like a good way for her to get involved in the school.” Bloom did not feel like an outsider when she joined a club that had upperclassmen in it. 

     Senior Julia Blondell decided to join the club for her final high school year. She wanted to “represent the student body.” Blondell plans to help with the Red Ribbon Week activities STARS has planned for the third week of October.