Annual choral day event arrives; Different grades coming together to sing

MEGHAN KALCK, SSC Editor/Studio Manager

On Feb. 23, North Harford High School hosted its annual choral day, where elementary, middle, and high school students gathered in the auditorium to sing songs from all different genres. 

     NHMS seventh-grader student Carolina Nusbaum explained how she was a mixture of nervous and excited for choral day. “[She] has never had a choral day due to covid,” so she didn’t know exactly how it was going to turn out in the end.

     “I’m really excited to see the layout of the high school, and how – I wouldn’t say how good the chorus is, but how advanced they are,” Nusbaum explains. She was also looking forward to how the elementary school kids would perform during choral day that would possibly be going into chorus starting in middle school.

     “I feel like the most difficult part of preparing was having everyone ready to be in front of a lot of people. Usually, we’re just in front of parents, not such a large audience,” and for her and most of her classmates, being in front of a large audience is a big change.

     Eighth-grade student Zackary Schmidt was excited for choral day because “it got him out of a lot of classes,” which he particularly does not like. Schmidt explained how he was not intimidated by the high school students, so it was easy and fun for him.

     The hardest thing that he found while preparing for choral day was making sure that he attended his choral classes and making sure that he got all the beats and the counts right.

     Eighth-grade student Natalie McCann was a little bit nervous coming into choral day this year, because there were “a bunch of people,” that were here performing that day. 

     Choral day is a way to expand other students’ knowledge by hearing upperclassmen sing different genres of songs, not just for middle school students but also for elementary school  students.

     “[She] was excited for Choral Day because of all the different songs that [they] we’re going to hear from everyone,” she explained.

     The hardest part for McCann with preparing for choral day was the counting and “staying with the beat with everyone else that she was singing with that day.”