Become counselor for Harford Glen; Educating elementary schoolers about environment

Kimberly Allen, Reporter

     Do you have a dream of becoming a camp counselor? Do you want to share your love for nature and the world around you?  Well Harford Glen might be the right place for you! Take a small break from the stress and work of school and teach kids the wonders of nature at Harford Glen. 

     Harford Glen is an environmental education center. Students who visit the camp are taught sustainability and responsibility. It is important to stay in date with the environment. The curriculum at Harford Glen focuses on understanding and learning about different factors of the natural world. Students from Harford County Public Schools take turns going to Harford Glen in fifth grade. 

     Joy Shore, sophomore, said “Ever since I went to Harford Glen in fifth grade it was something I thought about wanting to do. When I got the opportunity, I took it! Shore plans to continue her journey as a Harford Glen counselor again this March. Harford Glen is an experience you’ll just want to do it again and again! 

     You can now apply to be a camp counselor online on the Harford County Public School website. Stay educated about the environment in a fun way. Visit or join the Harford Glen community!