Language honors society continues; Students inducted into German program


 The Language Honors Society here at North Harford held an induction ceremony on May 8, 2023. The ceremony inducted new members into the German Honors Society, Spanish Honors Society, and the French Honors Society.

      The event was held in the auditorium, and departing senior members were recognized and given their graduation cords for participating and becoming a member in each society.

     Seniors Sierra Wendland, Elisabeth Holmes, Luke Dawson, Aidan Ward, Peter Derussy, Kyle Hoy, and Sara Grady all received cords for graduation.

     New members were recognized into the honors society as well, including junior inductees Emily Watt, Thomas Stolz, Korynn Sims, Jillian Lasher, Will Cummings, Sarah Crowe, Blake Carberry, Mason Adelhardt, and sophomores Brihanna Guido and Jenna Roh.

      German teacher Mr. Russell Blake explained that the German Honors Society has been prevalent at North Harford for over thirty years, and that “The German Honor Society recognizes excellence in both [the German language] and overall academic achievement.” He adds that the main purposes of the society is to organize activities for the German Club,” and also shares that those who are members of any Honors Society are at an “advantage” when applying for colleges and universities when it comes to their applications. The presence of any Honors Society on an application for colleges is a “great look.”

      The requirements to possibly be inducted into the program is to have an average A in the language  students take as a class, and enroll or have a committed dedication to partake in German IV, French IV, or Spanish IV, depending on whichever language a student may be taking, according to the teacher. 

      Those who have been inducted into the Language Honors Society are to usually be picked by the Language teachers, and Blake shared that “German III students in good academic standing with the intent of taking German IV,” are the students that he tends to seize to be invited. However, another option to try to become involved in a language honors society is to write and submit a letter of application, and then await for the decision of a possible induction.

     The teacher finishes by stating that, “It is always a pleasure to celebrate this achievement with students and their families.”