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Lemke assigns passion projects; English classes begin assignments

 Juniors in Mrs. Kathleen Lemke’s English classes have begun their new passion projects for the year. 

     The passion projects, as explained by junior Kim Sawyer, are “projects that anyone, not just students, can do.” She continues by saying that “they are projects that focus on something you are passionate or interested in and is a long-term way to become more aware and knowledgeable about the topic you choose.” 

     Sawyer’s topic is about “the mindset of criminals,” otherwise known as criminal psychology. The student states that she took the forensics class this year, and “loved it.” So, because of the class, it made her more “interested in the criminal mind,” and made her more “intrigued” about  the subject.  The student also added that the class has “opened [her] eyes to criminology,” which is what really inspired her to focus her project on criminal psychology. 

     She says that she has begun her project by researching. She found a resource on the Library’s Canvas tile, named “Gale Resources.” This site allowed Sawyer direct access to research her subject. The most intriguing thing she has researched is, “how to predict and understand a criminal’s mind as someone who is a rule follower.”  

     Another of Lemke’s English students, junior Paige Miller, shares that her project is about “children with special needs.” She says that she is focusing on “the impact left on the children and their families.” She says that currently, she is “researching the neurological deficiencies of the children,” and then will “research how those things impact the families.”   

     The inspiration for this project is that “[her] brothers” are both special needs, and it’s “very impactful on [her] life.” 

     The junior also adds that she desires to become a special needs therapist. “I want to be able to work with the kids, and experience their life with them.” She also says that she hopes to, in the end, “showcase” the impacts of their life to not just students and teachers, but to everyone. 


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