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‘Let’s Glow Dance’ canceled nine days ahead of set date; Student body, SGA officers respond to sudden cancellation

 In Dec. 2023 the Student Government Association (SGA)  announced the ‘Let’s Glow Dance.’ Students were instructed to dress up in ‘neon glow’ attire. However, on Jan. 4, via the SGA Instagram account, the dress code was changed to ‘neon semi-formal attire.’ In the caption of the post, it stated, “We heard your feedback!” – referring to the backlash SGA was receiving from the student body regarding the dress code, leading them to change it to a homecoming-style dance. 

     On Jan. 11, it was published that, “due to lack of ticket sales, the dance [had] been canceled.” In the caption, it stated that “refunds will be issued ASAP.” Each ticket was $20 for this dance, including a hot chocolate at the event. 

     The President of SGA, senior Bella Brockmeyer, explained that “the original plan was to have a ‘club style’ casual neon glow dance.” She added that “a lot of people cannot afford homecoming or formal dresses, so [the SGA] was trying to make this [dance] more affordable” for the student body. Planning for this dance began in Nov. 2023. According to Brockmeyer, “the dance was first advertised by journalism, then advertised by SGA on socials and the announcements.” All members of the SGA, “including the general assembly,” and science teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Martin “were running the dance.” In order for the dance to take place on Jan. 20, the SGA needed to sell 200 tickets, and they ended up selling only 107. Complaints from the student body caused the original ‘club style’ dress code to change to a semi-formal attire code. Brockmeyer added that she thinks in the future, the “deadline of ticket sales needs to be highlighted more to stop the cancellation.”

     “SGA is not planning another dance,” according to Brockmeyer. But, she added that the club is “planning a few really fun activities for the rest of the year.”

     Junior Brooke McElwain was planning to attend the dance, as she was just excited to have another homecoming-like experience” with her friends. McElwain expressed that she was “a little annoyed that the dance got canceled because [she] is a member of SGA” and the club has been “planning it for a while.” She added that it is “just a shame that for the work [the club] put into it,” that now it has been canceled. The junior thinks “it would not hurt for SGA to try” hosting another dance, but McElwain does not see it happening because of how” the ‘Let’s Glow Dance’’ turned out. 

     Junior Brianna Billings was “upset that the dance got canceled” because it was supposed to be similar to homecoming and she was “excited about having a good time with [her] friends.” Billings expressed that since many students “were saying how dumb it was going to be” with the original theme, the initial amount of attendees was low, and due to “the theme [being] changed so late,” that is probably why the dance was canceled. The junior also brought up that “students were not allowed to bring out of school dates,” unlike homecoming and prom. Billings thinks that the SGA should attempt to host another dance, but this time not only “make the theme known” but also “make it something people would go to.” 

     Freshman and sophomores, in the past, have not gotten to experience two dances in a year. In the fall, they attend homecoming as the whole school is invited to that dance. But, in the spring, unless a junior or senior invites an underclassmen as their guest to prom, they do not attend the spring formal. Sophomore Peyton Dawson was planning to attend the ‘Let’s Glow Dance’ and was “most excited about getting dressed up with” friends and attending a “school dance other than homecoming for the first time.” Dawson added that she was “definitely upset” about the cancellation; however, she “was not shocked as [she] knew that not a lot of people were going.” 

     “The best part about school dances is dressing up and taking pictures,” says junior Olive Callon. She was “not surprised” regarding the cancellation, though. Since “there is nothing to look forward to in winter months,” Callon expressed that the SGA should try to host another dance before prom.

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