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Painting her way back to class; Campbell returns to school

Art teacher Mrs. Lisa Campbell had an incident at 4:00 a.m. two weeks before Christmas – she “jumped off my porch, half asleep to get my elderly dog,” said Campbell, promptly breaking her foot in the process.

     When Campbell landed from the jump her foot “rotated to a 90° angle, breaking the fibula at the ankle,” said Campbell. She was in two different casts and crutches for six weeks 

     She had time with her “left leg above my heart to keep the swelling down in my cast.” Campbell said, “it was an awful experience.” Some of the biggest tasks she said was having her “sleep interrupted, and a shower was a big task.”

     The teacher was confined in the house watching TV; she also “planned for my ceramic business, wrote a lot of lesson plans, and went stir crazy.” Campbell had to put her active lifestyle on hold while she went through her recovery. 

     Campbell was missed by many of her students while she was having time off for her recovery. Senior Dyllan Dinbokowitz says she has had a close relationship with Campbell all four years in school. 

     While Campbell was taking time for recovery, Dinbokowitz had phone calls with her to try and help the art classes she was in more by getting information from Campbell. “We formed a really close bond over the past few months,” said Dinbokowitz. 

     While Campbell was out, classes were “a little stressful,” Dinbokowitz said, because she had to “keep making clay,” because the one the kids were creating kept drying out. 

     The energy Campbell brings to the class is Dinbokowitz’s favorite thing about the teacher.  She said Campell is a “very happy and outgoing person.” With her being back in her classroom, classes “have been great,” according to Dinbokowitz. She has had more time for her own projects during class now compared to when she was helping the class with their personal projects. Dinbokowitz takes 3D art with Campbell and is currently making a clay manta ray.

     Senior Emily Vaughn is also a student who is close with the art teacher because she “helps out around the classroom and helps with the kids,” said Vaughn. Campbell’s personality is Vaughn’s favorite thing about having class, and knowing her because she is “always happy.” At the moment, Vaughn is working on a flower pot in 3D art class. 

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