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TikTok shop: think before you buy; Purchases lead to scams

     Some people get scammed from online websites, and then proceed to blame the site; in reality, it is their fault, not the database. 

    TikTok is one of the most entertaining, influential, and educational apps created for all ages. This program is targeted to kids, teens, adults, artists, entrepreneurs, fashionistas, athletes, and many more. While TikTok has grown its followers over the past couple years, it now has the feature where users can buy items of all sorts from the app. Many people say it’s a scam, but doing the correct background checks takes five minutes and prevents the scams from happening.

     NBC Chicago published an article discussing the positives and negatives of buying an item from TikTok Shop. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) offered some tips for users that want to get involved with purchases online. First, “research the seller before you buy, and check the seller’s website.” When you see a product on the app, it doesn’t mean that TikTok is the provider. Before putting in your information, make sure to thoroughly go through the website. 

     Another good piece of advice is to read the comments and reviews. BBB claims, “User comments and reviews are a great way to get a pulse check on new sellers. Check for any negative experiences. You can also use TikTok’s search bar to see if previous customers have uploaded videos of their purchased products.”

     Additionally, users should know the return policy if you are going to purchase something you may not like. For TikTok, “customers have 30 calendar days after a package is delivered to request a return or refund.”

     You should also check to see if the seller is verified by an official. BBB states, “It might be a scam if someone sells brand-name items at outrageously low prices. Check brand accounts to ensure they have a blue check mark symbol – this means TikTok has verified that the account owner is who they say they are. Remember that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

     Lastly, it is more beneficial to shop with a credit card so it is easier to dispute a transaction. Don’t rush when you see something you want, think before you buy. BBB recommends, “It’s great that the TikTok shop is so convenient, but if you rush to buy something cool from a video, you might not stop to notice red flags. Pause before you buy and follow the above tips to ensure the seller and product are legitimate.”

     This shop is great for people who are looking for affordable and cheap things. Making sure you have a reliable and valid source is key to not getting yourself in a situation you can’t take back. 

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