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Should the northern Harford County area have its own 'snow zone' for inclement weather days?

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  • NO (8%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 65

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Letting go, learning to grow; 2024 offers clean slate for new habits, change


     We’ve all heard the “new year, new me” mantra at one point or another. But how many people will actually make 2024 their year to form new habits, break old ones, let go of the past, and look to the future?

     Personally, I’m looking to be one of those people in 2024.

     Being freshly 18 and a senior in high school carries a lot of weight and importance. You’re also in a weird spot; still a high schooler but legally an adult and preparing for college (or a different path). Everything is getting ready to change (or already changing), and that can be scary.

     But change can be a good thing.

    Old me wouldn’t entertain the thought of change, let alone breaking my day-to-day schedule. The new me is looking to break the cycle and find something to look forward to every day, whether it’s having my favorite food for lunch, or even just being grateful for a warm-ish day in the midst of January. Even changing your mindset from “I have to do this” to “I get to do this” makes a world of difference, especially when it’s six in the morning and you’re tired of going to school (or work) every day.

     Old me also wouldn’t let go of the past. Certain things had a tight grip on my mind, and it felt impossible to let go of them, although deep down I knew they weren’t going to happen. Now, I’m coming to my senses and realizing that these thoughts aren’t worth my time nor my energy. Reminding myself that new people and experiences are coming my way has made a substantial impact as well, through the process of moving forward and looking forward to what the future offers.

     The purpose of this is not to ramble about my own life but to remind you that you have the power to inflict change and create a better version of yourself in the new year. A new year is made for starting over and leaving the past in the past.

     I get it, I really do. Sometimes it’s tough and overwhelming. Life is tough and overwhelming.

     But change is possible for those who truly want to change. 

     And guess what? Change can keep life exciting. So no matter how big or small of a change it is, it’s still a step towards something new. 

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