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Pop culture gets negative outlooks; Positive lights are turned off

 Pop culture is “the popular entertainment, fashion, music, movies, and other elements of American society that have a wide influence both within the United States and internationally,” according to 

     The mass media of trends and popular entertainment is known by society to create destruction on society’s mental health, especially teenagers’ minds. Others compare their lives to fake images and productions, thinking their lives aren’t good enough because they don’t look like those they see in the media. 

     But, when we see negative in something that has good, we forget about the good; we get consumed by the negative. We have noticed the problems in popular media, which is good. We are recognizing  problems that it has created, but there is so much good it has created also for people. 

     Pop culture is what keeps the younger generation fun in what they wear, say, or do. Yes, some of it has a negative impact on others, but let’s be realistic – what’s something that doesn’t have one negative thing about it? Everything in the world has negative impacts in ways.

     This might sound cliche, but without pop culture, no one would be who they are today. We wouldn’t dress the way we do, think the way we do, talk the way we do, have characters and people to relate to, or a place to escape the real world. 

     Pop culture shapes the younger generation into who they become, whether they follow trends and love the media, or helps them figure out what they don’t like and find themselves in other ways. 

     No matter what wave of pop culture you follow, it allows someone to find who they are, or find out who they want or aspire to be. You can’t base your life off a character or a person in retrospect, but you can look at them as someone you relate to and find comfort in them while trying to find yourself. 

     When you go and look at the most recent trends or past trends in pop culture, they are all created with people’s uniqueness. Trends keep changing because people are getting more and more creative with what they see in the spotlight. The spotlight of social media helps others with finding out how they can be more creative without them even knowing it. You can find fashion, houses, art, and anything in the media to help yourself with creativity. 

      You can find a way to escape your reality when looking at the media, you can go on social media, turn on a show, or watch a movie when you had a busy day and feel calm when you see people or characters you like on the screen. 

     Pop culture wasn’t supposed to create everyone to compare themselves to these idealisms. Idealisms were created for creativity and to relate to others or characters.

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