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Digging deep into Earth Day 2024; Booths, animals teach agriculture

North Harfords High School’s annual Earth and Agricultural Heritage Day was on April 19 this year with many appearing outside to celebrate.

     The Hawks in the Ag program had educational booths set up to teach others about different parts of agriculture from learning about animals, plants, the air, and water. There were also other booths from North Harford’s art department with face painting and jewelry selling. The jewelry was hand-made by the advanced art students, who made rings, necklaces and earrings. The face-painting was conducted by members of the Art Guild.

     There was also a booth from the journalism staff, the “Wear and Share,” that had clothes that were donated from anyone in the school and given out for free. The booth had clothes from shoes, jackets, shorts, pants, and different types of shirts. There was something for everyone. 

     During the day, students were also allowed to bring their tractors to school for others to see. They parked their tractors in the grass near the barn with the animals and all the Earth Day booths. 

     Senior Maddie Caiazzo was one of the people running the Envirothon booth during earth day. The booth was to promote the Envirothon club, which is an organization that promotes “environment and natural resources conservation, problem-solving, leadership experience and academic competition… with hands-on learning, and outdoor field experiences,” according to Envirothon had “their massive trophy and printed out pictures,” of what they have done to get others to “come join the club,” according to Caiazzo.  

     Envirothon’s booth promoted “critical thinking skills to create inventive solutions to the complex local and global environmental and natural resources issues facing our world today,” according to Students are getting “equipped with knowledge and skills to educate others, inspire action in their local communities, and promote a lifelong commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability,” they continue.

     Caiazzo’s favorite part about earth day is “always being outside and seeing everyone’s booths.” The tractors and seeing all of the animals is a plus of why “I love Earth Day,” said Caiazzo.

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