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Should the northern Harford County area have its own 'snow zone' for inclement weather days?

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Teachers run together in 5k; Having fun through exercise

Multiple teachers are participating in the Holiday Hustle 5k, on Sunday, Dec.r 17 at Harford Community College. 

    Instructional Assessment & Data Specialist Mrs. Emily Johnstone has been getting many teachers to sign up and run the 5k, after running the Bel Air Town Run in June with some other teachers. “It ended up being a group of North Harford people that gravitated together, and it was  just a lot of fun to have colleagues and friends there to run with,” she states.

     After this, Johnstone states that she “ thought it would be fun to organize another one, and it gave people enough time to train if they wanted to and everything holiday is always fun,” as the race is holiday themed. 

     Johnstone continues that you can dress up in holiday-themed outfits and she states that she is “excited to see what everyone is going to wear on the day of the race.” She also says that she has “not been training a ton, so it is really just for fun for me at this point, and if I get a good time that’s great, but if not that’s okay, too.”

    Spanish teacher Mrs. Lori Rake is also participating in the 5k and states that she “started running over the summer, and I was trying to motivate myself to do better. I thought ‘I’ll do a 5k, so that will get me to train more and train right.’”

      Rake also says that she has “never ran [a 5k] before, and my son is running it with me. So, I am excited to do it with him.” She continues to say that she will be dressing “to be warm” while running. 

      Choir teacher Ms. Katelyn Hemling will also be running the 5k, and she states that “she runs here and there, I have done a couple of half marathons, and it just sounded like a fun way to get to hang out with some people outside of work.”

      Hemling plans on dressing up in holiday spirit because “it sounds super fun,” she says. She also states that she has not been training, but she has been training at a gym that she goes to, “but that is a little more focused on strength training, so I have not been running a lot since the middle of October, so we will see how it goes,” says Hemling. 


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