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Girls basketball team looks for wins; Racks up points, cheering loud for each other

The girls basketball team is currently 6-4 as of Jan. 18. The team continues to play, searching for more wins. 

     Sophomore Payton Dinbokowitz plays shooting guard on the team, and has been playing basketball for eight years. She states the “season has been going pretty good; I am really proud of the team and what we have accomplished already, and I am excited to see what else we can accomplish!”

     Fellow sophomore Lauren Nicholson is a point guard on the team and has been playing basketball for nine years. She states that the team has “been doing very well at supporting each other, no matter the circumstances.”

     Junior Natalie Barndt plays guard and has sometimes played post this season, and has been playing basketball for eight years. She states that the “season has been going pretty well, [as the team is] starting to get better as we connect as a team more. The team has been doing really well with man-to-man defense, [and] we have had some major improvements in that area.”

     Junior Brooke McElwain plays point guard on the team, and has been playing basketball since she was four-years-old. She states that “overall, the season has been going pretty well, [and] the team has been doing a really good job at being supportive of one another.”

      Dinbokowitz states that her “favorite games so far have either been Harford Technical or C. Milton Wright, because they were both games that were pretty close, which makes the game more interesting and we came out with the win in both games. I am excited to play Bel Air, so we can prove ourselves and hopefully beat them!”

      “My favorite game was the Harford Technical game, as the energy was very good in the gym and everyone was cheering for everyone, and it was a very close game that we came out and won,” states Nicholson. McElwain agrees with Nicholson, as Harford Technical was also her favorite game. Barndt says that her “favorite game this season has been C. Milton Wright.”

         Nicholson comments that she is “looking forward to the Bel Air game because it was a close game at the beginning of the season, and I feel like we have improved a lot since then, and I think we could come out and win [that game].” Barndt also agrees with Nicholson, as she is also excited to play Bel Air again later this season. McElwain states that she is excited to play “Rising Sun” later in the season.

      “The team has done very well with keeping our composure when the game gets tough and when the game gets close. I also feel like we do not give up easily and constantly play when the score gets bad,” states Dinbokowitz.

      She continues to state that she feels “like there are a few things that we all can improve on and as a team we can improve on our turnovers and being more protective over the basketball.”

      McElwain states that the team “could improve on [their] speed and conditioning,” and personally believes she could “improve on [her] jump shot.”

      Barndt says that she thinks for the team to improve before the end of the season, they “could work on passing around to create an opening to score.” She also states that something she could improve on herself is her “shooting range.” 

      Barndt is proud that she has been able to “get more steals in the games,” and McElwain is “proud of an assist [she] had this season.”

      “An accomplishment I am proud of is going from being a post-player to now point guard and learning all the new skills that a point guard needs to use to be successful,” says Nicholson. She continues to state that she “could definitely work on shooting the ball as I lack confidence with shooting.”

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