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Jacob Murrell, Maryland native, drafted into MLS First round, seventh pick leads him to D.C. United

 On Dec. 19, the 2024 Major League Soccer SuperDraft took place. In this draft, soccer players are drafted to become members on an MLS team. Local soccer player – and son of NRAS and GIS teacher Mr. Gregory Murrell – Jacob Murrell was drafted seventh pick in the first round by DC United. 

     According to, the SuperDraft “allows all 29 MLS teams a draft pick.” These picks are then determined based on each team’s end of season standings. If a team finishes in last place, they will have the “top-overall pick,” and if a team is the MLS Cup Champions, they “will have the last pick,” according to

     Murrell “grew up playing soccer” in many different capacities and levels. He began on the local “Forest Hill Force team” then moved on to play for Harford Football Club. His next move was to a more “competitive level” team; for about four years, Murrell played for Baltimore Celtic. Following these four years, he transitioned to play for Pipeline Soccer Club. While in college, the 19-year-old “played for Georgetown University during the school year, and the Annapolis Blues in the summer.” He has now begun his first preseason with the DC United team that drafted him.

     The forward expressed that his “experience with the draft has been great,” as it “worked out nicely” for him to “stay local and in the area where [he] grew up.” He added “that is not the case for all players,” since the draft is “an extremely unpredictable event where anything can happen.” Murrell knew going into the draft that DC United was interested in him; however, he did not know if DC United would take him at seventh pick, or if another team would draft him before that pick, or if he possibly would not get picked at all. Overall, the draft is a “super unpredictable” event, and Murrell stated he is “very lucky with the opportunity [he] was provided.” 

     He has “many friends who also were drafted, but [he] also knows many guys who deserved and opportunity and weren’t given one.” Murrell is “really thrilled” to be drafted seventh overall in such an event, though. “Going into the draft, it was extremely important” for Murrell “to have zero expectations.” The drafting event can take hours. For Murrell, it ended up being “really quick” with “little waiting.” He added how “grateful and blessed” he is to be picked seventh overall.

     When looking to the future, Murrell is most excited “about the next day.” This is a mindset he is using to approach the preseason, looking to the “next day [as the] next opportunity.” He added that “it is quite difficult as a 19-year-old to be consistent and have quality performances.” Murrell wants to “focus on the next day to be as consistent as possible,” which should give him more opportunities. On a long term scale, though, the forward is looking forward to the team’s “preseason trip to Saudi Arabia.” 

     Murrell is overall “looking forward to the improvement [he] can make in the next few weeks and months to best help the team’s opportunity for success as well as [his] own.” He expressed great excitement in the rest of his preseason and working towards his debut.

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