Old trends have their time to shine again; People bring back “oldies but goodies”

Noel Bailey, Reporter

 Fashion is a big part of how people express themselves and show their creative sides and NHHS students have a lot to say about old trends as well as new ones.

       When students at NHHS were asked what their favorite trends that have come back there was a mix of answers.  Junior Danny Gallo said, “light blue baggy jeans that men wear.”  Freshman Maddie Dietz added,  “The butterfly clips, I just love them so much.”  Junior Jackie Bultman’s favorite trend that made its way back was scrunchies and “the big funky glasses from the early 200Os”.

       Bultman thinks that “we should bring back the type of style of clothes from when people would get all dressed up just to go the movies and things like that and women wore all the pretty dresses and skirts while the men dressed up looking fancier and nicer. ”

    Some people like Dietz want to bring back the grunge look that was from around the 1990s. “I love that style so much,” Dietz said. She added she sees it starting to make a little bit of a comeback but she wants it to resurface more. 

     Clothing is not the only trend that students are paying attention to, and this includes things like mullets.   This hairstyle is making a comeback in the 1970s.   Sophomore Colton Taylor adds, “I really just don’t like them at all, I don’t think they look good.” 

        Other hair trends they did not want to return include “when people put light color in their hair or very bright ones like for example, light orange or a bright neon green,” said Taylor.   Bultman said she doesn’t “100% love when girls dye the under of their hair. But a lot of the girls that have it look amazing, I just think my hair isn’t made for it.” 

      As far as what styles should not make a return, Bultman said, “Denim on denim should be something that stays in the past.”  She added,  “It just wasn’t a good look.”

“I go thrifting,” Bultman, Gallo, and Dietz all say they “go thrifting” when they shop.   Bultman said going thrifting seems to be the best way to, “find the best statement pieces.”  She adds, “the obvious answer is thrifting for the best finds,”  Bultan added.

“Trends come and go and it’s just what happens,” says Gallo.  He adds people use many different types of trends to express themselves through creatively. “People just want to represent the past and how amazing people looked back then,” Bultman said.