Back to barnyard during off-time; Exploring farm animals’ summer occupation


Animal science teacher Mrs. Aimee Densmore provides “daily care,” along with completing “feed orders, help students learn how to show pigs and steers, meet farrier, meet vet, meet animal transporters and load animals on trailer for fair, supervise animal care and students at the farm fair, perform demonstrations at the Farm Fair with Gracie [one of NH’s cows] and her fistula.” Densmore “love[s] working with all types of animals, and [she] treat[s] these animals at school like they are [her] own.  Having this job has to be a labor of love because you never truly get to leave work behind or go on summer break for months,” she notes, along with how “you may get a week or two off, but you can’t get the whole summer off like other teachers.  This job requires a lot of dedication and long hours sometimes.”