Måneskin to release Rush!; Hawks discuss band’s new album, singles

Lily Corcoran, Copy Editor

  On Jan. 23, Italian band Måneskin will be releasing their fourth album, Rush!. The band announced the release of the LP on Oct. 31, which means that fans have been expecting the album for quite a while. 

     So far, Måneskin has released five singles from the album, “MAMMAMIA,”  “LA FINE,” “THE LONELIEST,” “SUPERMODEL,” and “GOSSIP,” featuring Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello.

     While many have enjoyed these songs, some were disappointed when they saw the album’s tracklist, as there were only two songs with Italian titles. This means that there may only be two Italian songs on the album, while the rest will be in English. One commenter on Instagram says, “Why is it all in English? I’m not Italian, but the songs in Italian just hit different.”

     Despite this, many people are excited about the album’s release. Sophomore Amelia Joyner says her favorite single so far is “THE LONELIEST,” because, “[the lyrics] really connected to [her] soul. [Joyner] is a big person on lyrical connection and how it applied to a person.” She continues, “It feels like I can express myself through the song and just let the world go for a little while.” 

    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, vocalist Damiano David noted that the album’s genre is “impossible to be labeled.” Joyner describes the already-released songs as “mellow rock,” and “sort of ‘90s style.”

     Regarding the lack of Italian songs on the tracklist, Joyner says, “It’s kind of a fifty-fifty; I enjoy the Italian music, but I also really enjoy their English music as well.” She adds, “If they were to release a half English, half Italian song, it would take the world by storm.”

     Måneskin became popular in the U.S. after a cover of the Four Seasons song “Beggin,” became popular on social media, according to the LA Times. Since then, their fanbase has grown massive, with 23,742,124 monthly listeners on Spotify. Sophomore Ashleigh Mettee thinks their popularity is due to the fact that they “stick out. The way they dress and perform on stage is crazy, and not a lot of people do it like they do.”

     Mettee got into Måneskin because she “heard a band from Italy was creating music for American audiences, which [she] thought was really cool.” She continues, “Their drummer Ethan [Torchio]’s drumming style is really sick to look up to as a drummer [herself.]” Joyner found the band through social media and enjoys their music because of “[David]’s vocal tone  and the ‘90s rock sound.”

     Overall, Joyner says she “loved the singles and cannot wait for the album to release. They’re a great band and I think everyone should be excited for what is yet to come.”