Spreading Positivity Through Blog

Kimberly Allen, Reporter


     Second Place is a Facebook page and blog created by 2013 alumna Lauren Savard. “I struggled with anxiety, though it was never diagnosed, it was there. I feel that the group of people I was with in high school was good. They looked out for each other, even me.” 

     Savard said, “I started Second Place in September of 2021. The mission of Second Place is simple. I wanted to make my blog a place to show people that they are worth loving and honoring, and to help people grow in second nature, love, honor, and service towards others. It’s founded on three core ideas: The first being that everyone is made and measurably worth loving and honoring. Second, everyone has more power and potential to help others. Third, when you help one person you help many, because by helping them you inspire or enable them to help people of their own, then the new people will go on to help others with the same intent, it’s a chain reaction of good.”  

     The world needs more kindness. Check out Second Place to learn more about Lauren Savard and her story.