Misentity magazine showcases students’ writing; Horror theme encourages creativity

Misentity continues to showcase student creativity. Students worked quickly to publish a micro horror issue in Oct.

Annika Peterson

Misentity continues to showcase student creativity. Students worked quickly to publish a micro horror issue in Oct.


 “Misentity magazine is now a place for us to highlight all of the creative work that students of NHHS produce,” says creative writing teacher Michael James. The publication released a micro issue for the month of Oct. filled with different creative pieces from many students. 

     Senior Annika Peterson had a new job this year as editor-in-chief, “the responsibility was sprung on me, it was a little overwhelming but in the end it all worked out.” Peterson worked with several other students and worked closely with Joanna Dallam, one of the current leaders of Misentity magazine. “My favorite part of working on this issue of Misentity was collaborating with Mrs. Dallam, it made me feel really important and vital to the production,” says Peterson. 

     The deadline for this micro issue of Misentity was a bit difficult according to James and senior Lauren Smith. “The short turnaround was a big issue. We also had big plans that our rain day took away,” says James. Smith added that the deadlines are their least favorite part about working on Misentity magazine, “especially for a mini-issue like this one,” says Smith. 

     Peterson explained that she “submitted a few pieces myself of art and writing but I also helped compile submissions from the Misentity Gmail account and I formatted the submissions on one document so we could publish.” Peterson was actually the person to publish this micro issue of Misentity officially and was the one to design the front cover according to Dallam. 

     Along with Peterson, Smith submitted several of their own pieces for this issue. “I have always had an adoration for horror, I think it’s really cool. Especially when you read something or watch something and you feel your throat start to close in because you get really scared, I love that [feeling] and I live for it. So for the horror edition of Misentity I was really excited to submit quite a few of my own pieces,” says Smith. 

     James said that there are very few creative outlets for students because there weren’t many places for students’ work to be published and seen but now with Misentity shifting to an online platform, more students can showcase their work. “Students are more talented than they give themselves credit for so the more people participate the more people can recognize their talents,” says Peterson. 

     This issue of Misentity was not disappointing with the many submissions according to James. “With this issue, it lets the writers feel comfortable writing about horror and death which is very inspiring to me. I enjoyed submitting my own pieces and I hope other people did too,” says Smith.