Herron’s band plays venues, Plans on more performances

Mekenzie McCann, Reporter

Senior Grace Herron and her band have been playing together at Black Eyed Suzies and other venues, and they plan on continuing to play at other gigs as well. 

      Herron and her band started playing together in September. The musician says, “Our band name is WYLOIN and it stands for whether you like it or not. We went off the name because we will always play music ‘whether you like it or not.’”

     “I played at Black Eyed Suzies because it is a small venue and it is a good place to build courage while performing,” Herron comments. Herron says, “We are going to try every Wednesday” to perform at the venue. 

     Herron says that the band’s best song is “Cigarette Daydreams” by Cage The Elephant. “[…] We practiced it half an hour before we played, so we did not really have much time to practice it.  We kind of did it on the fly, so it worked out really well.”

       “My best song[s] were my “Tabs” for “What Once was by Hers”, I have been practicing for months and finally had the courage to play them in front of others,” Herron says. 

    Her band performed recently in September at Music Land. “We have not had a chance to work on music because of college applications and sports, but we are working to perform more […].” 

     Herron says the best thing about her band is “Our motivation, definitely because of college applications and school, we do not have much time to practice as much as we used to, but we are all really motivated still to keep doing gigs and stuff, even in hard times we are still motivated[…].”

     The band does not have very many members right now “My friend from John Carrol does vocals and we are trying to get more people. We are mainly in the beginning stages,” Herron says. “Our other members are not confirmed yet,” Herron comments.

     As a band Herron says they could also improve as well, Herron comments, “We [the band] could definitely improve by trying out new styles of music.” 

      The band also plans to play “songs that we write ourselves, I have been writing some songs that I have not shared with anybody,” says Herron.

     Herron comments, “My favorite part of playing was the euphoria I felt. I feel so incredibly happy playing music, I think it is truly what I am meant to do.”

      Herron states, “Music has been a very big part of our lives and we wanted to share it with others!”