Styles breaks records; New song, album release date made available

Noel Bailey, Reporter

 Harry Styles came out with a new song after not having any music out for the past three years. Also, along with a new album, Harry’s House release date is May 20, according to Harry Styles instagram account.

     “As It Was”, a lead single from the new album, debuted on April 1 and made it to the top of the charts placing number one a few days after its release.  It became Spotify’s most streamed song in one day. 

     The singer has been around since One Direction and has made two previous albums since the hiatus of his boyband days. Fine Line is the most recent one in 2019 and HS1 was released in 2017. 

     Junior Rileigh Crawford has been a fan of Styles for three years. She feels like “his new album is going to be more of a pop and calm/healing album”. Crawford was surprised when he came out with the release date for the album but also not because she was “suspecting it because of the ‘You are home’ instagram account.” 

     The account is run by someone on Styles’ team and posts a picture of a door with it slightly open with a new picture in it everyday to hint things out about his new album. Crawford believes that this album will be bigger than his other ones. “He’s gotten so many new fans over quarantine and from ‘As It Was’,” she adds. 

     “Harry is so talented and he never disappoints,” Crawford said. Her reaction to his new song was that “it’s really catchy and I love the lyrics to it.”

     Senior Brynn Hoffman also is a Harry Styles fan, while she also was a One Direction fan when she was younger. Hoffman became obsessed with Styles in the past two years. “I was in physics and I literally dropped to the floor and cried,” Hoffman said. 

     The album is going to be a “soft/indie rock album” according to Hoffman. The fan was more shocked than surprised when she heard about the news on the album since “there had been rumors weeks before.”

     Hoffman listens to his new song on “repeat at least once a day.” She was not expecting the new song “it sent me into a full panic when it released because I was not ready”. Hoffman “definitely thinks the album is going to be a little different but with the same Harry Styles’ flair of emotion and powerful lyricism.”

     She believes that the new sound and the long release date is going to bring in new fans, along with As It Was bringing in new people in the fandom. “Overall I’m really excited to experience it,” Hoffman said. 

     Freshman Alexis Gott has also been a Harry Styles fan for the past year and was in algebra when she found out about the album. “I started freaking out and I had to try and not scream in my chair.”

     Gott knew the new album was around the corner but “didn’t know exactly when so I was caught off guard when I heard.” According to Gott, this album is going to be as popular as the other two “if not even more popular.”

     She said his new song has a “different” style then his past ones, and she adds, “I love it so much and it’s amazing for a lead single.” Gott also adds “I like hearing different sounds from Harry, it’s refreshing to hear something different.”