Field of Screams 30th anniversary brings another generation of fear


PHOTO CREDIT: Kaylee Scott

Horror enthusiasts enter the haunted hayride. Guests were prepared to get scared during the Field of Screams experiences.


 Field of Screams recently opened their doors for their 30th year. The only location in Lancaster, Pennsylvania includes four haunted attractions, live music, food, five-minute escape games and merchandise. 

     The four attractions at Field of Screams include the Nocturnal Wasteland, the Haunted Hayride, the Den of Darkness, and the Frightmare Asylum. The Nocturnal Wasteland is a haunted trail where you walk through the slender forest filled with overgrown areas and many mutant creatures. The Haunted Hayride takes you on a ride through the cornfields going into multiple themed areas with clowns, mad scientists and many more creatures of the night. The Den of Darkness is one of two haunted houses that is made up of a 120-year-old barn. The building goes deep back and contains many rooms filled with things lurking in the dark. Finally, they have the Frightmare Asylum. The four floored house contains doctors and nurses that live there. 

     Added for 2022 in the four attractions is the Deadwood Cemetery and the Tree of Death in the Nocturnal Wasteland. The Gory Greenhouse, the Putrid Pantry and the Rotting Flesh Kitchen was added to the den of Den or Darkness. Lastly the Psycho Clowns were added into the Frightmare Asylum. 

     The other activities offered are free events such as live music, dance showcases, a battle of the bands on October 1st and a Rap Battle on October 21st. They are hosting the 10th annual 5k Zombie Fun-Run on November 12th. There will be a day race from 11am-4pm and a night race at 4:30pm-6pm. You can sign up to be a runner or one of the zombies. The run benefits the PA Breast Cancer Coalition. They are also hosting their extreme blackout on November 11th. 

     The extreme blackout is a separate event from their normal show and will be in complete darkness. Guests will be subjected to physical restraints and isolation. Waivers must be signed to attend the extreme blackout night. This night is one day only and is $50 in advance and $60 on site or online the day of. Tickets for regular nights can be purchased in person or onsite if not sold out. VIP front of the line access is available for an additional price.

     Visitors at Field of Screams such as Caelin, Jenna, and Paige, all believed going to this event was more enjoyable with friends rather than family. Caelin has been to FOS before and was glad to come back. She explained how she was looking forward to the live band and hanging out with friends. On the other hand, patrons such as Jenna and Paige have never visited FOS before. Jenna was excited to go since FOS, “was a bucket list activity” and that she was, “really enjoying [her] first experience.” Paige’s favorite attraction in the event that night was the Haunted Hayride.

     Enjoy the festivities while you can. Field of Screams is open for a limited time only from September 9th to November 11th. You can get more information on [email protected] for more information on specific dates and their other year-round events.