New shop on Main Street in Bel Air; Only Irish and Scottish shop in Harco

noel bailey, Op/Ed Editory

you The Fabulous Shamrock is a new pop-up shop that is located  on 52N Main Street, Bel Air. It opened on Nov. 4 and will only stay open until Dec. 25. 

     The shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday. Mrs. Susan Patti and her daughter, Mrs. Cristina Browe, run the shop together. They also run the shop next door called the Pink Silhouette, which has been in business for 16 years. 

     The pair used the space that The Fabulous Shamrock is in from their previous boutique, Be Fabulous. They had two different boutiques next to each other, but then merged the boutiques into one during Covid, then making space for the pop-up shop now. 

     If the pop-up shop does well, Patty and Browe plan on opening the shop more frequently so more people get the chance to view the inventory. They also might consider the idea of making a website for people as well. Their second boutique, Pink Silhouette ships worldwide to people.  

     Browe has Irish and Scottish roots. She did Irish dancing for five years when she was younger. “My mom’s grandmother is from County Cork, Ireland, so we’ve always had a love for Ireland,” said Browe. 

     The mother and daughter made the shop because there are no other shops like the one they have. “There is nothing like this in Northern Maryland, an Irish Celtic shop,” said Browe. The opening day “was really busy…we got people from all over Maryland,” said Browe. They had people from as far as York, PA, come to the shop on opening day. 

     They get “a huge majority” of their products straight from Ireland, according to Browe. They carry “Erin bowls, which are well known; it’s the fisherman’s wall from Ireland,” said Browe. They have “very authentic” Irish and Scottish candy from the UK, according to Browe. 

     The shop has purses from the Irish brand Harris Tweed. The purses have to be marked with the emblem that’s in the middle of the purse to know if they are “made in the Isle of Harris,” said Browe. The Isle of Harris is in Scotland and is famous for its beautiful mountains, beaches, and wildlife.

     The shop sells jewelry that is made from heather in Scotland. The jewelry is made by “the heather, and then they dye it and rough it down,” to the part they need for the jewelry. They have earrings, bangles, necklaces, and rings. All the different pieces don’t have the same designs, they are all individually unique from each other.i’m