Hawks’ opinions on Valentines Day


  The holiday now has its pros and cons, of course, which is probably why it is considered so controversial. People with partners usually love it, as it is an excuse to not only show how much you care for them but also receive love and gifts. 

     However, many people go out of their way to top last year’s gifts or their partner’s and end up spending more money than they can afford.  According to thebalancemone.com, around 23.9 billion dollars was spent on valentines in 2022! This revenue is great for businesses, but not so much for a person’s bank account.

     This year, the millennial generation will be the ones hurting most after Valentine’s Day, as ages 35-44 are predicted to spend the most money this loving season, according to cnbc.com.

     Then, of course, there are the single people who mostly feel utter loneliness on the holiday, as it is a reminder of how lacking their intimacy is.  This being said, they tend to cope with this through binge spending on themselves for the gifts they are missing out on from a partner while enjoying a sad night in.