Senior portraits captured; Graduates explore different vibes

Bella Arist, Reporter

   Outside of the North Harford professional photographers that come to the school, students get personal pictures. These pictures can be sent out to friends and family, or used for other personal reasons. 

     Senior Katie Kinhart got her pictures taken by Mrs. Pamela Harvey. Kinhart claims she “already knew her in advance, so [they] already had that relationship.” She says, “I picked out a white dress and boots because that is what I am going to be wearing for graduation, which I think is sweet. The second outfit I wore was my bootcut jeans and a floral tank top with boots. I also wore my pit viper for some of the pictures.”

      The senior explains her hair was “half up, half down for the pictures, in [her] dress and straightened down for the other outfit.” Kinhart posed with “arms crossed and leaning up against a shed with hand in the pocket.” There was another pose where she was “walking with [her] upper body turned to look behind [her] with arms on the back or on hips.” 

     Kinhart explains that she had two props in her photos to “add character.” The student says, “I recommend to the seniors that are going to take their senior pictures to find a photographer that fits their style. To find one that really fits with the photo vibe they are going for; either more of an up-close strictly posed kind of gig or a natural not really pose-specific photographer.” 

       The student mentions her pictures were more on the expensive side but “they were indeed worth it.” She chose to do outside senior pictures because she “wanted pictures that better capture [her] as a person in a natural environment.” 

     She overall “enjoyed the experience, but it was bittersweet because it gave [her] a sense that [she] really is graduating high school soon.”

     Senior Reilly Holmstrom got her pictures taken with Mrs. Brigitta Canfield, who was recommended by the “Facebook community page from around [her] beach house.” She got her pictures in two locations; “On the beach in Delaware and by the bay at [her] beach house.” 

     At the beach, Holmstrom says, “I wore a Billabong dress and brought a cap and gown with me.” At the bay, “I wore yellow shorts and an asymmetrical white top. I chose those options to keep the photos bright.” 

     The advice she gives to upcoming seniors is to “pick a location that means something to you.” She explains, “I picked my location because I’ve spent a good amount of my life there and I plan to move there once I graduate.”

     Holmstrom says, “my pictures were actually cheaper than most of the pictures you can get around the Harford County area.” She also mentions, “I chose to do outside senior pictures because being at the beach makes me the happiest, so I wanted to have my pictures be somewhere that means a lot to me.”