People playing different sports around the world; Unusual sports are all over

Noel Bailey, Reporter

There are unusual sports all around the world being played for a living. Having everyone playing sports there is going to be unusual ones out there. 

     The Cotswold Olimpick in Chipping Campden will be held on June 3. There are five different events, shin kicking, king of the hill, championship of the hill, running races, and tug O’ war. 

     Shin kicking is the most famous one out of the five. The game has been around since 1612. It has become less brutal over the years by banning steel toe shoes and you’re allowed now to stuff your shins with hay to help protect, according to Robert Dover’s Cotswold Olimpick Games. 

     44% of North Harford students out of 100 said they would play such a sport if they had the chance. 

     Sepak takraw is a sport in south Asia. It’s like volleyball but you don’t use hands. There’s a volleyball net but only kicking, chesting, and heading the ball is allowed to get the ball over the net. 

     This has been a sport for over 500 years. It originated in Malaysia, but is also played in Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, India, Philippines, Brunei, USA, and Pakistan. It is also called sepak raga. 

     Scotland has a cultural sport of caber tossing. In the sport, you take a large tapered pole which is called the caber. The goal is to run with it and throw it to see who can throw it the furthest. The most usual distance people reach is around 19.5 feet. 

     Jai alai is another sport that is played. It’s mostly played in Florida and South America. It originated in Spain and France. 

     In the sport, you take a ball and a cesta to throw it. You throw the ball at the wall using the cesta and catch it over and over again. But you want it to hit the wall fast and hard. 

     Pesapello is a national sport in Finland. It’s similar to baseball in that you play using a bat and ball and it’s on a diamond shaped field. It has the same basis as baseball too, you try to hit the ball and the opposing team tries to catch the ball and get them out. But the strategies of the game are different for how you want to hit the ball. 

     The game has a manager and they have a tactic of how to get the team members out and have to remember a list of ways to get the other team out.