Girls basketball season is officially over; Ending season with wins

Noel Bailey, Op/Ed editor

 The Hawks girls basketball team made it all the way to states, being ranked one of the highest and best teams in the region for girls basketball. 

     The girls were close to making it to states this year. They made it to the regional playoffs, but they did not win that game against Fallston to pursue into the next round. 

     The team only consisted of three seniors: Jenna Amrhein, Marissa Struhar, and Lillian Duffy. There is only one junior on the team, Caroline Nicholson. They had different sophomores and freshmen coming up throughout the season to play varsity for different games. 

   The girls had a long and a “hard earned” winning streak, according to Struhar. The team “deserved everything we won,said Struhar. 

     Their record for this year was 17-4. The girls started off their season with two big wins against C.Milton Wright (47-20) and Fallston (43-23).

     Freshman Payton Dawson made the varsity team this year. Her experience on the team was “amazing, and [she] made lots of new friends while bonding over the game,” said Dawson. 

     Dawson’s favorite game she played in was “the Patterson Mill game, because we went into double overtime…they also had a big student section which made it all more fun.”

     The team had lots of time and memories together, but Dawson’s favorite memory was “the game against Rising Sun, because they were the number one team, but [she] liked that game because [they] got hyped all before the game and it was exciting.”  

     The team had a close bond with each other. “We all had fun this season,” said Struhar. The three seniors on the team, Amrhein, Struhar, and Duffy, were the captains of the team. 

    “This is my favorite sports season, and this team made it all even better,” said Struhar. “I thought my senior season was great and it was such a fun year with the coaches and the girls, and we had a great season, great record, and overall just great,” said Stuhar. 

     The girls team won against Harford Tech 45-39. “Beating Tech was probably my favorite game because it was very intense and a very close game, but we ended up pulling through to the win,” said Struhar. 

     “Being a team and friends, going out to eat and hanging out, or just being around each other,” is what made the team feel special to Struhar.