Burger joins special ed department


Mr. Geoffrey Burger is one of three new special education teachers that has made themselves at home here at North Harford.

During any given day, Burger can be found in multiple different classes with many different teachers helping sometimes multiple students at once. He said that one thing that drew him to NHHS is what he described as its “supportive faculty”.  Since the first day, he has been impressed by the people with whom he works.  He also said that the students at NH seem “eager to learn new things.”   According to Burger, he  likes this school so far because the people here are so enthusiastic and willing to learn.

Burger says he attended different colleges,  but earned his degrees at Randolph-Macon College and Towson University. where  he graduated with his bachelor’s degree in history and his master’s degree in teaching.

He said he decided to become a teacher because he really loves to learn, “and what better way to share my passion of learning, than through molding young minds in school?” He been a teacher for 11 years now and has worked at multiple different independent and public schools in the area. He says he’s very eager to continue his career at North Harford.