Creative Writing classes produce lit magazine


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Every year, North Harford prints Misentity, a magazine designed by the creative writ­ing classes for students and teachers.

In the 2008 version of the magazine, the word ‘Misentity’ was described as “a universal existence of being and writing and art as a means of connect­ing the individual and society.”

Students in Mrs. Chris Allred’s Creative Writing I & II are responsible for viewing submissions by students, how­ever Creative Writing II stu­dents make final decisions on what submissions are accepted into the magazine.

Senior Noah Messina added that students who are upper­classmen in Creative Writing II “evaluate the writing more and decide what goes in and what doesn’t go in.” He also added that Creative Writing I students also have a chance to view the writing, but they don’t have a direct say what gets published.

The magazine has over 60 pages which contain photos, short stories, poems, and many other literary works. Two pages of the magazine are dedi­cated only to Haikus. A more recent addition to Misentity is their ‘Six-Word-Stories’ fea­ture, showing – just what read­ers might expect – stories that are told in only six words.

Samantha Steltzer, the editor of the magazine, said that she and other students in the class have the task of collecting all stories and poems submitted by students. Steltzer also cre­ates the videos for Misentity that are seen on the announce­ments.

After gathering the works, Steltzer said she compiles them along with pictures in one magazine.

Some students may fret over having their name published on a work in a magazine. How­ever, Steltzer said those who contribute submissions have the choice to make them anon­ymous.

For someone who had never heard of Misentity, Steltzer and Messina would describe it as, “North Harford High school’s’ literary magazine, a collection of short stories, po­ems, etc. that the creative writ­ing classes publish yearly.”

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Creative Writing classes produce lit magazine