Dare to depart from NH at end of year; Veteran teacher moves to new school


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Mrs. Kira Dare has been pursu­ing her passion of teaching for 23 years, and according to the veter­an teacher, where she has learned many lessons that define her.

Her teaching career began by long term subbing at Aber­deen Middle School and also at the John Archer School, where she found her love for teaching.

Dare’s dedication to teaching continued as she also taught level five special education in Baltimore City, where she helped young children with disabilities learn ev­eryday life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and taking care of them­selves. She says none of her expe­riences can be compared to each other because they have all been “new findings in their own ways.”

She says the most memorable experience, also referred to as her “worst memory” by Dare, was on a field trip to Eden Mill. “A student threw a cigarette into the woods when I told them to come down. After we left for Fall­ing Branch and headed back to the school, we saw a huge fire in the distance. It was Eden Mill.”

Dare’s funniest memory involv­ing a student was eleven years ago at the AllGood Festival in West Virginia, when she was “walking up a steep hill to get to the stage. All of a sudden I felt two hands on my back gently pushing me forward. It wasn’t my boyfriend. I turned to look at a former stu­dent.” She says they talked and reconnected, dis­cussing the past.

Dare describes how much she loves reconnect­ing with former students, es­pecially in the strangest places.

All of the memories Dare has made in her teaching career are from her stu­dents. She says that all of her students have had a lasting im­pact on her, “in too many ways to list… They have caused me to laugh, to cry, and to love each of them for who they are.”

Having her daughter, Scar­lett Dare, attend North Harford was an incredible experience, described Dare. She enjoyed that Scarlett was able to inter­act with her colleagues who she describes as “amazing, gifted, and brilliant.” Being able to share these experiences to­gether was definitely something unforgettable, claimed Dare.

She says her purpose in her career is “helping my students not just learn about Earth Sci­ence, but about learning to learn about everything, including life.”

One of the most important les­sons Dare has learned in her career is that life is too short. She says she has “lost too many students to court, mostly to drug overdos­es and car accidents.” Dare claims these impactful events have been the hardest part of her job, but they have also taught her a lot.

She would like other students to know that ‘If you don’t have a parent or family member to talk to, find a teacher or counselor. Know you are loved and cared about.”

Now that Dare will be leaving at the end of the year to transfer to another school, she said that she is feeling very sad about the change. “I don’t want to leave. But I must commit to what I do best, teaching Earth Science.”

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Dare to depart from NH at end of year; Veteran teacher moves to new school