Mosaics Club: Spreading awareness about diversity

KAYLA NOWACKI, Entertainment Editor

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This year North Harford has taken the initiative to start helping students of all diverse backgrounds feel more included. Mosaics is a new club that has been established in order to be a safe place for students to feel included, promote equality, spread kindness, and promote and support diversity.  

Founder and advisor of Mosaics, Mrs. Angie Jones, states that this club serves two purposes. “It kind of is twofold, yes it is for us to help educate our school and show that diversity is okay, and not only is it okay but it’s a great thing…and then it’s also just also a support system to help those who feel isolated at our school.”  She added that it is important for students to feel that “they have a place where they can talk to each other about it and be like ‘hey I’m not the only one,’” says Jones.

Mosaics does not cater to any one group of people.  According to Jones, it is open to all students, particularly for those who may feel isolated for any reason such as race, sexual orientation, depression, and anxiety. When asked about what inspired this club to be formed Jones states that it all started with the songs the chorus sang in their first concert, which featured songs from the musical Dear Evan Hansen.

This musical follows a title character, Evan Hansen, a high school senior with a social anxiety disorder. When faced with a immoral opportunity to experience some sort of social normalcy he jumps at the chance to fit in. Performing these songs led Jones’ students to have serious conversations about feeling isolated, feeling alone because that is how the character in the musical feels.

“My students, luckily, we’re just comfortable enough with each other especially in my older classes to talk freely about how they feel isolated in our school, for different reasons,” states Jones.  The mission of Mosaics is centered around the basis that everyone has a voice and their voice matters

When asked what the goal is for this club Jones added, “Our goal is to educate the school and make the school a more tolerant and accepting place for everybody, and to support those who feel isolated and not included and accepted at our school.” Thus far Mosaics has decided they would like to do a booth at Earth Day, and a few other promotional things to show that it’s a place for everyone and anyone who would like to join.

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Mosaics Club: Spreading awareness about diversity