Student’s parents with cool jobs; Some awesome occupations

Charlotte McElwain

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    As students, we walked around the school together for six hours a day for 180 days. But do we really know these people? What they go home too? Some go home to parents with super duper cool jobs.

      When you drive down the roads in southern Harford county and Baltimore county, the sides of the roads are flooded with political advertisements with “PENMAN” written in red. Sophomore Austin Penman’s father is Stg Aaron Penman who is running for state delegate for district 7; Austin states,”it is kinda weird seeing all the signs and people ask a lot of questions.” But he also said, “He wants to see change in district 7”. Mr. Penman is fighting for the citizens of district 7 to keep their second amendment rights, to stop sanctuary statehood, is tough on crime, he is fighting the heroin epidemic, and cut spending/ lower taxes. “Stg Penman has served our country,he’s served the citizens of harford county, and now it’s time to send the Sgt to Annapolis to serve our state”.

    Another sophomore that attends North Harford high school is Mark Boegner and his sister,  freshman Anna Boegner have a parent with an “out of this world job”. Their father works for NASA in the Department of Defense.NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. And Mr. Boegner jobs is apart of NASA DoD program. NASA is a federal agency and military is under Department of Defense. Sometimes NASA may work together with military supporting some experiment in space but neither organization works for the other according to Some people could even say his job is, out of this world *wink*.

    In high school we spend a total of 1,080 hours each year with the other students of North Harford, but we don’t know the lives to the student once we leave the building, but we do know that all our lives intertwine in one way or another.

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