Learning techniques in art; Drawing virtually brings difficulty


     “What can I say?” states Art teacher Jason Blevins, “It has been a challenge in many ways.” Teaching art efficiently is proven to be difficult according to Blevins, in attempt to not only take care of his family but to ensure his students still get the most of his teaching.

To demonstrate certain techniques, Blevins states that his “document camera has certainly come in handy this year.” PowerPoint is a main resource for important information, just in case students need to take a look at class notes, Blevins also mentions.

According to The Guardian, “Drawing through a screen is obviously an entirely different experience but brings up a range of interesting challenges.” To work through some of these challenges, Blevins has stayed “in constant contact with students and parents through e-mail and Its Learning to help students stay on track and to stay up to date [with] their well-being.”

“Learning art has been harder [due to] internet problems and not being able to be there in person with the teacher to ask for help,” states Junior Ryan Mink. Internet issues are a problem now that everything is online, and to try to learn something hands on is proven to be difficult according to Mink.

“A typical class starts with a review of what was covered over the previous class,” states Blevins. “As always, there is a Q and A at some point in the first ten minutes of class. After all of that, I will introduce new terms and concepts and most often demonstrate techniques.”

Other resources like Padlet have been used for project progress for art class, that way the teacher can give feedback. “My Fine Art Prep students prefer to email progress,” states Blevins. According to Common Sense Education, “There are plenty of online bulletin board sites out there, but Padlet is one of the more intuitive and appealing for kids.”

Sophomore Ian Calhoun believes that, “[students] can’t easily get help on stuff because art is a very hands-on class and our teacher can’t help us through a laptop.” Another challenge students face is the lack of materials, according to Calhoun, materials were provided at the beginning of the year, but they soon run out. Most of the projects students usually do were canceled due to virtual learning this school year expressed Calhoun.