Royal Caribbean to begin cruises in Summer: Hawks ponder planning cruises post-pandemic

Jake Gay, Reporter

   As the vaccination rollout continues it was announced in March that Royal Caribbean will restart launching cruises to the Bahamas and their private Island CoCo-Cay. These trips will be entirely for adults who show documentation of full vaccination, and children who have received a recent negative Covid-19 test. The re-launch of cruises was announced this past March, there had been broad speculation due to this and some doctors are saying it may be a mistake. Even with some reservations regarding their plan, Royal Caribbean CEO Richard Fain told Fox News that he was “optimistic” about the summer cruises noting the rollout of vaccinations. Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami (a frequent launch-spot for cruises) announced his wishes for cruises to begin as soon as May 1st.

     With vaccinations beginning for children and teenagers just this month, potential cruise goers would need to schedule their first vaccination appointment a month and a half before their intended cruise launch. In a poll of North Harford students on April 19th, a staggering 20% of Hawks had at least got their first dosage of the Covid-19 vaccine (210 polled). Of those 210 polled, roughly 10% of students have no intention of getting vaccinated — they will not be able to go on cruises with Royal Caribbean this Summer.

     Many doctors are saying that those who have recovered from the virus will likely be immune for at least three months. However, Royal Caribbean is still requiring recovered passengers to receive a vaccine and be fully vaccinated. North Harford Drama teacher Nancy Green contracted Covid-19 this winter. When asked if she would go on an out-of-country vacation during her period of immunity, Green jokes, ”I would not go on a cruise. That is just because I  hate cruises.” Green later said, “ I have immunity from having covid and I am fully vaccinated. I would definitely go on a vacation, Including getting on a plane.”

    Vaccinations have been happening at an exceeding rate, and some islands in the Caribbean have been largely unaffected by the pandemic. Due to many islands being territories of various countries, there has been no official stance made by them.

     Royal Carribean has not addressed a possible surge or any circumstance where cruises would be canceled. Although, many doctors have said that it could be too early for such activities as cruises (including disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci). Fauci said in an interview with Meet the Press, that “…people with underlying health conditions should not cruise at this time.”

     With many cruises book to capacity, it seems many are ready to cruise. However, around North Harford some are unsure they are ready to join in on the fun.