Christian athletes found at North Harford; Games, prayers for anyone

Meghan Kalck, SSC Editor

     Fellowship of Chirstian Athletes (FCA) is a club and organization that is held in Ms. Larissa Arist’s room after school. They play games,  icebreakers,  and talk about certain subjects along with relating bible verses to real life.

     Junior Stephanie Erisman is one of the student leaders in FCA. Erisman has not done FCA in the past except for this year because she attended Harford Tech her freshman year and her sophomore year was spent virtually.

     “Normally we  have a short little lesson,” Erisman said. They discuss the topics and then normally play a game.

     FCA meetings are typically only 30 minutes long because they meet in Ms. Artist’s room during the fourth lunch on the A/B day schedule. 

     At the end of the meetings they typically take “prayer requests,” in case there are people in the organization that need something to be prayed about.

     Although they do not have anything officially planned yet, they are hoping to “work with Toys for Tots,” and plan to organize something to work with them in the near future according to Erisman.

     Junior Kendall Fortune was explaining how every Friday they always discuss the gospel and “how to be a Christian in high school.” 

     This is Fortune’s first year doing FCA in person. She did it virtually last year but they “couldn’t really do much,” because of the limitations. 

     “I definitely encourage people to join FCA,” Fortune said because it is hard to find other Christians in high school.

     Ms. Kathleen Lemke explained how the club at NHHS is unique because the club is “100 percent student run.” 

     If you go to you can learn more information about the organization. They hold FCA camps along with many other activities. “Camps are a time of ‘inspiration and perspiration’ for athletes and coaches who want to reach their potential through comprehensive athletic, spiritual, and leadership training.”   They have 24,452 camp attendees, 20,948 certified huddles, and are located in 107 countries according to

     There are many ways to get involved in this organization. You can go to the meetings that are held in Ms. Artist’s room during fourth lunch or go to to find out other ways that you can get involved. You can also donate to the organization via their website as well.