Arts magazine club Misentity releases two publications; Student creativity showcased digitally


Misentity Magazine

Misentity has released two publications this academic year. The covers of the issues are also drawn by students.

Silvia Martinez, Video Editor

     Misentity is North Harford’s literary arts magazine club that aims to “transcend the ordinary; to find the creator in each writer” by compiling a variety of creative works into a digital magazine that is available to the public. The club has published two micro-issues so far this academic year, and is making plans to release more.

     The club meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month after school to plan prompts and deadlines for upcoming issues, as well as review submissions. Meetings are led by the club’s advisors, Mr. Michael James and Mrs. Joanna Dallam.

     “With the unprecedented creative freedom that accompanies our new digital format, Misentity is now expanding beyond the literary and visual arts,” the club states. To reflect the “diverse and beautiful creative talents of [the] student body”, Misentity is now also accepting submissions of music, film and dramatic arts.

     The club’s first micro-issue titled “The Horror of Misentity” was published on November 2, 2021 on their Issu profile online. The publication includes poetry, short stories, and artwork created by students of all grade levels.

     Senior Courtney Warns has two of her writing pieces featured in “The Horror of Misentity” publication. Warns has been in Creative Writing for 3 years, and has often been encouraged or required to submit original work for Misentity’s publications.

     “I like to approach prompts in the most contrasting way,” Warns comments. “I enjoy writing very subjective poems because I love hearing the individual ways everyone perceives my writing,” she continues.

     Warns also mentions how she tends to use “extended metaphors of something very small” then makes it significant in her writing pieces. “I also like to personify everything and make up words, make it completely my own,” she adds.

     Junior Sanaa Johnson joined Misentity this year after seeing the club’s stand at the Freshman Open House. “The fact Mr. James said I could do digital art and should join since I do art in my free time anyway made me excited to join,” she states.

     Misentity’s second micro-issue titled “Promise.” was released on December 31, 2021. The publication featured artwork made by Art Guild members based on three words: cough drop, raindrop, and pocket knife. Their work was paired with writing that followed the same prompt, and other works based on the following: “Sirens Song-The Beautiful, the Ugly, and all that Tempts us”. 

    Johnson hopes that readers of the magazine’s publications realize that “art can be shown in different ways together with those who are doing skits, those who are drawing, and those who are writing poetry and songs”. 

     Warns aims for readers of her works to identify with some aspects of her writing, and hopes that they have “never read anything quite like it”. She is most proud of how her writing is being recognized alongside other great writers, and enjoys the collaborative and creative environment Misentity gives her.