FBLA club participates in Regional conference; Team has potential to make Nationals

Mackenzie Scott, Reporter

The FBLA club (Future Business Leaders of America) had the potential to make Nationals in the Regional conference held by taking one of the test events. Many of these events are held aimed at helping students showcase their knowledge. 

     A Regional conference is held for the members of the FBLA club every year. The goals that the FBLA try instill and to put into their students is to try and “develop competent, aggressive business leadership. home, business, and community,” says School wires. It is hoped that students will “develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism.”

      FBLA organization give tests in 66 categotries. You take the test to get ranked regionally. The top five that take win regionals and get reevaluated at states. The tests administered to the club for the purpose  to “help high school students prepare for careers in business through academic competitions, leadership development [and] educational programs” says the FBLA. 

     “The test consists of basic information” says sophomore Braxton Victor. Some of the other options you could do other than the test was 3-Design. broadcast journalism, network design, website design and many more. The test or option you choose would then be judged by the virtual panel of judges. 

    Victor hopes that participating in FBLA and taking business courses would help with teach him some things about business and help educate him more on the subject. “I hope it will help me in the future by helping me be a better test taker and be better prepared,” says Victor. He hopes that he will be able to get a lot of knowledge and skill from taking the test. 

     If the students make it to Regionals, they have the opportunity to continue on to States, then Nationals. Students participate for the opportunity to go on a trip says the FBLA’s official website, but it is unclear if that is still planned due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In past year’s students that got up to the State level got to go on a trip to a different state, that state changing every year.

       In previous years trips were made to many cities such as Chicago, San Antonio, and Baltimore. Due to the current pandemic the conference is also being held virtually according to the Maryland FBLA. 

     This competition isn’t the only thing the FBLA participates in; they also hold many other events to help high school students prepare for careers in business, says the official FBLA website. The club is an extra activity students can participate in outside of the given business courses offered. 

      So, while we don’t know the results yet of this regional conference, students might have hopes of getting a good placement and making it to the state level and being judged on that level. As of now the Maryland FBLA says judging will take place on March 10-12, 2022.