ItsLearning will be replaced in upcoming school year; Teachers go through new Canva training

Avery Duda, Reporter

   After several years of using the learning platform known as ItsLearning,  HCPS is making changes for the upcoming year.  ItsLearning is, “a learning management system [online platform] that allows teachers to have an online component alongside their traditional instruction.

    Beginning in the fall, students and staff will be introduced to Canvas, a similar platform.

 Canva is a, “powerful design tool that can be used in education to create projects that not only look great, but also help teach students the basics of digital design,” according to its website.  

      Many NHHS teachers are relieved to be getting rid of ItsLearning and adopting this new Canva software. Spanish teacher Mary Capellan says “I have started the Canvas training. I think Canvas is not going to be very difficult to use. I think it’s going to be easier than It’sLearning.

     A large number of students dislike ItsLearning. Some students describe the software as “slow,” with, “a lot of glitches,” “frustrating because it has some bugs.” Sophomore Lily Evans thinks, “it’s going to be confusing for students at first since we’ve all gotten so familiar with ItsLearning, but in the long run, it’s probably for the best because ItsLearning seems pretty unreliable and everyone in the school seems pretty done with it.”

     Junior Janie Evans is a transfer from a previous school that used the Canva software. She says she is, “glad that we are not using ItsLearning because it is not easy to navigate.”  She added that she is “excited to see that we are getting new software because it will be more organized and not all over the place like ItsLearning. At my old school.”   The junior added that  Canva was amazing compared to ItsLearning so she “thinks it was a good choice to make the software switch.”

     Junior Kaity Grimm says that, “Hopefully the teachers learn how to use the software so that if any students have trouble next year, they’ll be able to ask their teachers for help.”