Students spend summer traveling, exploring foreign countries

Noel Bailey , Op/Ed editor

North Harford had students with big trips this past summer. Senior Delaney O’Neil and sophomore McKenna O’Neil went to Iceland this summer, while junior Timothy Morrow went on a trip to Europe.  

     Morrow went to Europe for 41 days. He started his trip in Switzerland and ended it in Belgium. Morrow left America on June 20 to fly out to Dublin, Ireland, for a five hour layover, then had his flight to Switzerland. He stayed in Switzerland for two weeks with his great aunt. They hiked mountains and different parts of the country. There were many “beautiful views,” according to Morrow.

     Morrow then went to Belgium to stay with his grandmother. Him, his uncle, and cousins all drove to France and Germany to stay there a couple nights, along with the Netherlands. They made their way to their destination in Norway. The family did a biking trip together along the fjords of Norway for 13 days. They stayed in tents at camping grounds. They saw more nice views and went to many different places while they biked. They also had a chance to take a train if they didn’t want to bike that day. 

     Morrow ended his trip in Belgium to stay with his grandmother again. He then flew home July 31 with a five hour layover in Dublin again to catch his flight home.  

     Sisters Dulaney and McKenna O’Neil took a trip to Iceland for about seven days. The sisters also went with their mom and aunt. The trip was “a very last minute idea that we made in June and then went in August,” M. O’Neil said. They started their trip in Reykjavik but then traveled to Selfoss and Vik. They traveled by car when in Iceland. 

     They went to three different hot spring lagoons, “Sky Lagoon, Blue Lagoon, and the Secret Lagoon.” They also hiked, saw waterfalls, toured ice caves and glaciers, and rode icelandic ponies. They went to the famous Black Sand Beach while they were there. It was “my favorite part,” D. O’Neil said. “The view onto the ocean was beautiful and I loved the scenery. There were tons of huge rocks in the middle of the water, and even small caves on the beach,” she explained.

     The weather they had in Iceland was “very rainy,” according to D. O’Neil. The temperature was around 50 degrees fahrenheit. For two days, it was pouring rain outside. But for three days, the sisters experienced sunnier days.