2023 prom is over; King, queen are celebrated

Noel Bailey , Op/Ed editor

 The end-of-the-year school dance that many upperclassmen look forward to was held on April 29. Students danced, ate, socialized, and celebrated all night. 

     Prom was held at Valley View Mansion in Cockeysville, Maryland. The dance started at 7 p.m., with students lining up outside of the building before the dance started, waiting to be checked in. 

     At the dance, there was food such as rolls, shrimp, rice, mac and cheese. These are just some of the foods that were served. Drinks were served, as well as desserts at the end of the night. There was also a DJ who provided music for the whole night.

     There were photo booths that students could go take pictures in with props that represent the theme of the prom, which was “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”

     Students celebrated when the Hawks’ prom king and queen were announced. The prom court wore sashes on them, marking them as members of the court. The nominees were announced while they walked in together. 

     Seniors Haley Stone and Owen Smith won king and queen together. The couple has been together for four years.  “[We were] really happy about all of it, and we wanted to be on court, but it was cool we actually made it on,” said Stone. 

     Smith was surprised when he found out and “didn’t really expect to be on the court.” But Smith was “happy” he got to be on prom court. Stone said, “It was perfect being on court together and winning together.”

     Owens favorite thing about prom was the “dessert because of the ice cream and cake.” Stone thought “this year was the best year” with having a “good DJ.” Stone and her friends stayed the whole time and “honestly had a lot of fun staying the whole time,” at prom. 

     Teachers and administration helped run the prom and check people in. Administrator Mrs. Barabra Matthews was a volunteer to help out at prom. She helped check-in students and chaperoned, but she chose to because she “likes seeing all of the students dressed up.”

     Prom had no bumps in the road and it “was great this year, the kids had a great time and they danced the whole night,” said Matthews. Watching all of the students “dance all night [was] my favorite part,” of chaperoning, Matthews added.

     Fellow administrator Mrs. Renee Ford also had the same job as Matthews on prom night, and they were “trying to pick our favorite prom dresses all night,” but they couldn’t pick one exact one, according to Matthews. They both agreed “the hot pink” was one of their favorites, said Matthews.