Learning life lessons through language; Spanish IV hosts wedding

Riley Herold, Reporter

    On Monday, May 15, and Wednesday, May 17, Spanish teacher Mrs. Jean Buttitta’ s Spanish IV classes held traditional Spanish weddings.

     Buttitta stated, “It’s a part of a unit called Pasa día la vida, which basically means life events. In this unit, we talk about baptisms, birthdays, weddings, and funerals. We reenact a traditional Spanish wedding with some Spanish and Mexican customs.” 

     Just like a traditional wedding, there is a bride, a groom, best man, maid of honor and other fellow bridesmaids and groomsmen. The students of the Spanish four classes got to choose and vote who they wanted as their bride and groom. Once decided, the bride got to pick her maid of honor, while the groom got to pick his best man. The priest was also chosen by the students and voted upon.

    Senior Lindsay Bittner stated, “My class voted who they wanted to be the bride, and somehow, they chose me to become the bride. Which I thought was a little funny that they chose me, but I overall felt really special to take on the part of the bride for the whole class.”

     Senior Michael Allen stated “I got voted to become the groom by the class, which was cool, but I really didn’t want to be chosen. Overall, I did end up doing it anyway.”

     After Bittner and Allen got chosen to become the bride and groom, Bittner got to pick her maid of honor, which ended up being senior Riley Stoneback. Allen got to pick his best man, which ended up being senior Andrew Robinson.

     Stoneback stated, “[Bittner] and I are friends and she needed a maid of honor, so I said I wanted to do it. But it overall feels pretty cool that [Bittner] valued our friendship enough to choose me as her maid of honor which made me feel so special.”

     Robinson stated, “I kind of just told everyone that I was the best man, and that’s how it happened. It was pretty cool to be the best man, though.”

     Traditionally, in Spanish culture, people practice Catholicism, so they do “for rich or for poor,” and “in sickness and in health,” which is pretty much the same worldwide. However, there are also some other things Spanish weddings entail that other traditional weddings don’t, according to Buttitta

     Buttitta stated “In Spain, some women wear black because it’s ‘till death does us part,’ which here it would be weird for a bride to wear black at her wedding.”

     Stoneback stated “It was definitely a cool experience to have before you actually see your friends get married. You got to have a little taste of it before your twenties in the marriage part of your life.”