11th annual North Eastern Theatre Festival; Competing drama students shows skill


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Drama students from around the region participated in the 11th Annual North Eastern Theatre Festival in Bel Air, Maryland held on February 17 and 18.

    NETFest is a theatre festival for the Northern region of Maryland.  11 schools participated this year. Those who want to compete can participate in adjudicated events during the event.  Students prepare a monologue, song or duet on which “they get judged by people that had graduated or went to college for theatre so they give really good feedback , said senior Garrett Thomas.  The senior attended this year and won an award for vocal adjudication, earning a superior rating.

    Not only can you compete, individuals also participate in workshop classes “Depending on the time slot, students got to choose what five different workshops or adjudications they would attend throughout the festival,” SAID…..

These workshops are designed to help the drama students develop as an actor or actress.

Each school that attends bring a main stage production that is presented to all the rest of the schools at the event. Thomas says, “It was cool to see what the other schools had to offer and see all the talent within the state.”

    Senior Aaron Rodgers, who won an award for vocal adjudication, says NETFest is best described as having a bunch of participating departments of different schools that come and all share the love of theatre with each other. Rodgers favorite part was “being able to see other people perform just to see what other people have to bring to the table and what I can take from that as a performer.”


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11th annual North Eastern Theatre Festival; Competing drama students shows skill