Big businesses broaden small town


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     Recently there has been an addition to the small town of Forest Hill. An abundance of new businesses, including Royal Farms, Starbucks,a Nail Salon, an Urgent Care and Chipotle, have a new home in the area.

   Those who live in or near Forest Hill will tell you how there aren’t too many businesses in the area. In the past years Kohl’s and a Dunkin Donuts were built and these businesses were just the beginning of the growth.

    In addition to these new businesses, there are new house developments being built in Forest Hill. Sophomore Isabella Messick believes the growth is beneficial “it’s going to cause a lot more problems at the end of the day, like traffic.” Sophomore Rachel Shum agrees and says, “it’s gonna take forever to get out of my neighborhood.”


Although these businesses will bring traffic, they are also making it easier for students to go to a good coffee or food place. Senior Madison Holliger says, “In general, it’s nicer not having to go into Bel Air to go out to eat or shop because now I don’t have to think about taking Route 1 or 24 and going into the downtown area of Bel Air.” Freshman Madeline Simms says she loves Starbucks and she is excited for it to be so close to her house.


Some North Harford students are concerned about how the businesses will affect the environment. Junior Hannah Garrett says she is kind of excited but she is also sad, because it’s taking away from our wildlife.   Senior Chris Parks adds “the area doesn’t need to change; it was good the way it was.” Will Eakes agrees and adds “the only possible positive outcome is that new jobs will be created.”

   Kayla Mangin is most excited for Starbucks because “they have good smoothies”. She says she is also excited for the Royal Farms because it has a free ATM. Kaylee Callahan says that she is actually really excited for the Urgent Care because now there’s a close place to go to when she is sick. Madison Holliger says, “I am most excited for Starbucks because I’ll finally be able to get coffee before school since I’m not a big Dunkin

Fan.”  She adds,  “How can you hear Chipotle and Starbucks and not be at least a little excited?”

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