Spring fling flicks find fans


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Movies have been hitting the box office and North Harford students have mixed feelings. Many students have seen or are planning to see movies like Black Panther, Love, Simon, The Maze Runner: The Death Cure, and a Wrinkle in Time.


The Black Panther is a movie about a man named King T’Challa who returns to his home nation, a place called Wakanda in Africa. He is put to the test when he must protect his country as king and serve as the black panther.  Junior Liam Hueser hasn’t seen the movie, but says, “I heard the Black Panther was pretty good.” Jack Gibbons saw the film and said, “It wasn’t one of my favorite Marvel movies, but it was alright.” Lastly junior Brooke Ciampaglio adds the film was “really unique” and she stated “the actors were really really good. I[Brooke] thought they were really awesome.” Savannah Dieter enjoyed the Black Panther because “it was different than the other Marvel movies, it told the background of before he became the black panther.”


Love, Simon is about a teenage boy who keeps a huge secret from his friends and his family; he is gay. Once it comes out, he must face everyone and figure out who he really is. Sophomore, Ellie Evans says she saw the trailer for the movie and is excited to see it because it looks like a great movie, Savannah Dieter agrees with Evans and can’t wait to see it too.


Another movie students are on the edge of their seat to see is The Maze Runner: The Death Cure. This is a movie about Thomas (a main runner) who leads Galders through their final mission. The mission includes the Gladers working through the most complicated maze yet and getting answers to the questions they have asked from the beginning. This movie is very controversial between North Harford Students. First Jack Gibbons starts off saying “it was one of the worst movies I[Jack] has ever seen.” he said this because “the book was a thousand times better.” Brooke Ciampaglio agreed with Jack when she says “I don’t like the series of movies because they just changed the books.” Kaleigh Sasdelli says she is excited to see the Maze runner because she read the book and she says it was very interesting.


A wrinkle in time is another movie made from a book, one that North Harford Students can not wait to see. This movie is about a brother and a sister, Meg Murry and Charles Wallace, who go on a mission to find their father. They’re father is missing after recently discovering a way to travel to a new planet. The children are assisted by Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Which in a dangerous journey to find their father. Kaylin Johnson, junior, is excited to see this flick. She says “I am excited to see this movie because I read the book and it was very interesting.” Sasdelli agrees and says that a Wrinkle in time was a nice book to read.


The movies don’t stop here, there are even more movies approaching this summer that are getting North Harford students all hyped up. One of these movies includes Incredibles 2, a sequel to a Pixar classic. Audrey Dick is on the edge of her for this one, she says “I am really excited for incredibles 2 because incredibles 1 was everyone’s favorite childhood movie and how can you not like incredibles 1, so incredibles 2 should be just as good.” Some students are even excited for the new Avengers movie. Grant Badders expresses this excitement when he says “it’s a dream come true to see all the avengers come together as one and defeat all the evil.”


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Spring fling flicks find fans