Don’t stress, just progress


   From hoodies to shirts, a new movement known as Progressors 1000 is taking the world by storm as it seeks representation for the arts and those involved who wouldn’t always get it otherwise

     The Progressors provide people with clothes that are readily accessible to those who may not have opportunities within the art world. “Progressors 1000 provides free and inexpensive clothing marinated in abstract artistic expressions that encourage personal progression, resilience, and unity,” according to Progressors.

      The creator of Progressors was an educator for the district of Ferguson-Florissant in St. Louis noticed there was “an abundance of youth in our community who lack the essential elements necessary for personal and communal growth.”   This idea encouraged the “creation of a universal solution that has the capacity to support people of all ages, colors, and modes of thinking.”  

        Part of the Progressors’ aesthetic revolves around anonymity, meaning that the names and faces behind the company are not seen by the public. 

     “Students who are not necessarily good at math or science are disadvantaged in our society and Progressors 1000 gives them a chance to express themselves through this movement,” says NH art teacher Mrs. Lisa Campbell. “Providing people with avenues to create through art and clothing, especially in an era where art classes are cut can be a medium for creation when the state and school system has not thought of artistically inclined students.” 

           Advice given to young creators by Progressors 1000 included “don’t stress, just progress.” as well as “see with your eyes, seek with your heart.”   

     However, Progressors is not just a clothing brand, they are much more than that, according to the company.  “Progressors 1000 is a nonprofit with the intent to encourage humans from around the world to progress in terms of how we interact with ourselves, others, and our surroundings. In order to assist our community with establishing a positive sense of self and a hunger for inciting change, we believe a specific vehicle must be used to effectively initiate this drive. This vehicle is the distribution of art in the form of clothing.”

       According to Campbell, “what Progressors 1000 is doing is a good thing that improves their community and communities around the world.”