Writer reveals experiences as an author; NH graduate’s best-selling novels read across world

Alexa Falls, Reporter

     Ever since she was little growing up in rural Maryland, best-selling author Tracy Banghart-Blanton said she always loved reading and she says that “as soon as I found out it was actually A JOB THAT PEOPLE DID, I knew I wanted to do it!” 

      To get to her level of writing experience, she said she has gone through, “many, many years of reading, writing bad poetry, creative writing classes, LOTS of practice and a lot of luck to actually get a book published.” 

     Banghart is mostly interested in the young adult fantasy genre since “so many involve characters on a journey of discovery, which is one of my favorite themes.” She also says that she loves, “writing about characters finding their agency and being empowered.” 

     Many of the author’s ideas for stories come from a feeling of, “frustration I have with things going on in the world, or just a feeling or experience I want to process.” She adds that she “loves building characters and plot and teasing out all the possibilities.” Another thing that Banghart-Blanton enjoys writing about, “characters finding their agency and being empowered.” 

     Some of the writer’s all-time favorite novels are The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley and On Fortune’s Wheel by Cynthia Voigt. Banghart has, “always looked up to them for writing beautiful feminist stories.” Authors that have helped Banghart through the publishing process include Ellen Goodlett, Anna Bright, Natalie C Parker, Dhonielle Clayton, and Jessica Spotswood. Banghart mentions that, “they are incredibly talented authors whose books I adore.” 

     Of the nine novels Banghart has written, she says that her favorite is A Season of Sinister Dreams, “It’s a book I started writing many years ago, and for a long time I didn’t think it would be published.” The book is all about, “first kisses, first loves, first battles, and first experiences with magic.” Banghart adds that, “it’s really special and exciting knowing it’ll be a real book on shelves next year.” The book will be added to shelves on June 21 of 2021. It is available for preorder now, according to Tracy Banghart’s official website.  

     Banghart calls her writing style “fantasy lite” which consists of word building, “but the characters and plot drive the story.” Banghart has been told that her books are fast paced and exciting and that they have, “just enough details to ground you in the world before whisking you off on adventures.” 

     For writers that are starting their journeys to become authors, Banghart says that “the most important thing to do is read! Read as much as you can.”  Banghart mentions that, “it’s important to connect on an emotional level to your characters and their struggles.” She also adds to, “have fun as you write, and try to be as authentic as you can.”