Fashion industry causes an uproar


Kimberly Allen, Reporter

     Fashion week is an industry event where fashion designers, brands, or houses display their latest collections in runway fashion shows. These events last about a week and are supposed to influence what we see in the trend cycle and what will be in the upcoming fashion seasons.   

     Kylie Jenner and Irina Shayk stir up controversy at Paris Fashion week 2023 with their dresses. They both showed up in the same Schiaparelli Haute Couture dress, featuring a giant faux lion head on the side of a black dress. This dress caught many viewers’ attention, and even had some negative feedback, saying that it was promoting animal cruelty. 

     Sophomore Jenna Roh said, “I’m not completely sure of my stance on the dress.  It’s not real fur, so it isn’t exactly animal cruelty, but I think that it could be glorifying trophy hunting whether the lion’s head is real or not.”   

     The Fashion industry will continue to cause outrage and shock, as well as create beautiful art pieces, and make political statements. Who knows what we will see next in this business?