Guilty Pleasures; What do students hate to love?

Emily Green, Video Editor

Guilty pleasures; What do students hate to love?


Video Editor


“My guilty pleasure would have to be going out to eat with my friends knowing I don’t have the money. I always say I need to save my money for any necessities, but then I go out and spend it anyway.”- Ben Ewers, senior

“My guilty pleasure is Dr. Pimple Popper. It is a show my mom and I watch together whenever a new episode comes out. I have never been grossed out by the pretty vivid and to some, gross, pops. I have learned a lot from the show, and I consider it a guilty pleasure because not many people have the stomach for that show, but for me I guess that’s never been the case.”- Sierra McManus, sophomore

“One thing I would consider to be my biggest guilty pleasure is binge watching crime shows. From morning till night I will procrastinate any other work I need to get done and just watch my show all day long. I hate that I ignore half my day, but I love watching crime shows such as Criminal Minds and Blue Bloods.” – Chloee Roberson, senior


“I definitely have a guilty pleasure of listening to the same song on repeat. When artists I like release new music I play it over and over again, until I get tired of it. I try to not replay it often, but when I like a song it stays in my head 24-7.”- Mario Arnas, senior