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Breakfast challenge contests students’ lyric knowledge; new lines available

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North Harford’s cafeteria staff is challenging YOU, North Harford, to a showdown. Where? The cafeteria. When? At breakfast. The question is: who knows the line?
Starting on November 1, the cafeteria has been challenging students to a lyric contest to help promote a healthier lifestyle.
“It’s so important for students to eat better. Like I always say: be smart. Feed your brain and eat breakfast,” says Earliene Klapka, the NHHS food service manager.

All students, faculty, and staff are eligible to enter, as long as they buy a breakfast item. Once they do, the lyrics are posted and entrants can guess the song by writing it on a slip of paper.

The breakfast competition is statewide, but each competition is different school to school. North harford’s competition is a lyric contest. However, those who win at each school are eligible for the statewide prizes. Schools offer money and prizes like t-shirts, shorts and backpacks. State level prizes are a breakfast with a celebrity or a professional athlete.
So far, 70-100 students have participated. During the first week of competition, one student won a t-shirt. When a student wins, they are notified by the office.
“I think a lot more people would participate if they knew what we have to offer for breakfast. They see what’s on the menu but we have much more of a variety available each day than what’s listed,” says Klapka.
The hidden menu items include pancake stackers, muffins, banana bread, bacon egg and cheese croissants, taco fold-n-gos, mini bagels, donuts, apple bosco sticks, and honeybuns.

The contest will end on January 31, and the winners will be qualify for the state level competition.

In other cafeteria news, lunch will have a bit more variety than previous years. As of the first week of school following winter break, Line 1 will be the home of the new hot sub, burrito, and Asian food line.

Each week, the food selection will rotate. For example, the first week will be the hot sub line where students can get items like cheeseburgers, hotdogs, cheese steaks, and many more. The second week will be a personal burrito line similar to how companies Chipotle and Qdoba work. It will also have nachos and rice bowls available. The third week will be the Asian food line, where students can purchase customized rice and noodle bowls, along with food like the firecracker or orange chicken.

“We just want to give the students what they like,” says Klapka. “We are open to suggestions and are willing to put the suggestion box out there. We just want them to be happy and eat.”

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Breakfast challenge contests students’ lyric knowledge; new lines available