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Teachers trade blackboard for yoga-mat

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Most clubs and organizations at North Harford are thought to only cater to students. This however is not the case with North Harford’s very own staff yoga class. The class is coordinated by school nurse, Mrs. Joanne Gallion,

“Yoga was offered to HCPS employees through the HCPS Benefits Department, in association with Carefirst, as a part of their “Wellness” Programs. They also offered a weight loss program and a self monitored walking program, but the yoga class was the most popular, by far. It was offered at several schools and NHHS was chosen as a “home site” because we had so many people sign up between NHHS and NHMS,” said Gallion.

The first session was in January and had 26 participants. The program, originally supposed to span for six weeks was altered due to the weather. A second session began on March 10, after the first being so popular. Members meet Tuesdays after school in the aerobics room from 2:30 to 3:30.

Mrs. Bridget Crenshaw who has been involved with the program since its initiation,

enjoys that the class is “on-site”, small size and its hour long length.

The class’s instructor, Coral, was described as fun and knowledgeable. “She explains that we get out of the class is what we put into it. It’s not a competition, it‘s what you can do for your body,” said Crenshaw.

15 million Americans practice yoga according to The benefits are numerous, anything from increased energy to heart health can be a result from yoga.

“I enjoyed the class. It was a positive experience for me, I’ve always wanted to try yoga. I’m happy I tried it. It was a good way to end the day, we had some good camaraderie with the staff. We got to laugh at each other,” said Mr. Bob Ott who participated in the first yoga session.    

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Teachers trade blackboard for yoga-mat